About Us

About Twisted Tree

When you purchase this coffee know that you are part of the mission to empower women in the international coffee community. We give back annually to help support the education and information necessary for these women farmers to achieve sustainable lives by improving their farming skills and knowledge. When women have more influence on the farm,  they invest in their families, villages and communities health and wellbeing.

A twisted tree has endured the elements. It has withstood mother natures forces. Twisted trees are a metaphor for our lifes journey. What is your Twisted Tree story? We will select and award a 12 oz bag of coffee monthly to a story or picture….so do share;)

About Me

I started as a home roaster who had the bug to production roast for over 30 years. I live the Truckee lifestyle and depend on a great cup of coffee every morning to set the stage for the day, whether it be Nordic skiing, Backcountry skiing, biking, or hiking. I live here and play here every day. It’s the balance required to sustain a happy life. As I began roasting on a larger scale over 3 years ago, I felt a purpose to pursue involvement in a coffee culture that could help others. After years of searching, I have now developed relationships with well-structured women farming programs. It has touched me to my core and I realized how important this mission was and the difference I can make to impact these farmers well-being and success. I take great pride in caring for the beans once I receive them knowing what a long journeys it been to get to the hands of the roaster.

Single Origin Coffees

Medium and dark roasted blends to profile the charateristics of each countries unique flavors